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Clouds of war gather over the Internet

The Internet is approaching a crisis. Authoritarian regimes censor and manipulate it to suppress dissent, western governments pursue online whistleblowers and Wikileakers, big business wants to track consumers’ every move. Supposedly liberal governments from the United States to Australia have proved as eager as their conservative predecessors to constrain it. And the media? They have largely been silent,… Read More

Look-at-me journalism all the rage

You can tell journalists have lost the plot when they start reporting on themselves. A rash of “look what happened to me” reports has broken out amongst journalists covering the unrest in Egypt and the ham-fisted attempts by the Egyptian authorities to intimidate them and impede their work Of course, one doesn’t actually need to look so far… Read More

Journalists killed on duty

Journalism is a dangerous business. As many as a hundred have been killed a year just doing their job. But for all the glamour attached to the dangerous lives of war correspondents from the western media, most journalists are killed reporting in their own countries. And the toll increases each year. Read More