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Whistleblowers – conscience of a shameless age

With the continuing persecution of Julian Assange, one of our country’s and this century’s most famous whistleblowers, it is timely that all nations – but especially democracies – remind themselves that a whistleblower is not a traitor, just someone who sees something wrong, consults their conscience and exposes the wrongdoing contrary to the wishes of those with power to conceal it from their fellow citizens. Read More

Women and war reporting

War was once almost wholly the domain of male journalists but increasingly women journalists and female crew are reporting from the front lines. So is it time more women got to tell the stories behind the bombs and bullets? And can the media improve the way women are portrayed in conflict zones? … Read More

Journalists killed on duty

Journalism is a dangerous business. As many as a hundred have been killed a year just doing their job. But for all the glamour attached to the dangerous lives of war correspondents from the western media, most journalists are killed reporting in their own countries. And the toll increases each year. Read More